19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (2024)


Grab that toolbox and get ready to build a DIY shed for a favorite hobby, lawn and garden supplies, or seasonal storage.

By Steph Coelho

Posted on Nov 14, 2022 5:55 PM EST

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19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (1)


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Building a backyard shed is a way to add an extra room for hobbies or increase a property’s storage capacity for tools, seasonal items, or gardening supplies—especially when there’s no garage. Sheds can also be outfitted with furnishings and used to create art, work on a novel, play music, or woodwork.

While the cookie-cutter sheds at the hardware store may be convenient, going the DIY route to build a shed is often easier on the wallet and allows for more customization. And if you’re not handy and don’t have a desire to know how to build a shed, there’s always the option of hiring a contractor to make a dream shed into a reality.

Whether you want a wide-open interior or a tricked-out space filled with shelving and cubbies, there’s a choice of shed plans available to suit most every type of goal. With so many types of sheds to consider, this list of shed plans includes a variety of shed designs and options ranging from tiny playhouses to storage wonders. With one of these plans in hand, you’ll be ready to build a shed that suits your needs.

Bonus: Most of the plans are low-cost, so most of the project’s budget can be used for purchasing building materials.

1. Sliding Doors

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (2)

This roomy 12-foot-by-16-foot shed features a wide opening with large sliding barn doors. The wide opening makes it easier for storing oversized and clunky items like lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, and seasonal patio furniture. Overhead dormer windows let in a bit of light. The garden shed plans includes everything you need to get started, including a how-to ebook, detailed drawings, and a materials list.

Get the Sinel House Plans 12×16 Garden Shed Plans at Etsy for $26.98.

2. Mini Oasis

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (3)

Far too pretty to only stuff supplies and tools into, this gorgeous shed may be the ideal design for a creative oasis. The lean-to design features tall windows and a glass double door that lets in plenty of light—perfect for painting or drawing. The plans come with a cutting and shopping list, step-by-step instructions, and shed blueprints for the doors. The seller also offers 24-hour email support.

Get the Shedplan 12×6 DIY Shed Plan at Etsy for $19.79.

3. Wood Shed

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (4)

This compact shed is big enough to store tools or hide trash bins. The plans for this small shed show how to construct it with or without doors; without doors this tool shed is a suitable place to stow firewood. This simple project is a good one for novice DIYers. The wood shed plans include a shopping list, cut list, and step-by-step instructions with drawings.

4. Farmhouse Chic

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (5)

Use these high-quality plans to build a charming 12-foot-by-10-foot farmhouse-style shed. The spacious building provides enough room for storage, but it will work just as well as an office, creative workspace, or playhouse. The gable-style roof means that those living with snowy winters won’t need to worry about the weight of heavy snowfall damaging the shed.

Get the Build Blueprint 12×10 Garden Shed at Etsy for $12.95.

5. Tiny Tudor

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (6)

This whimsical Tudor-style shed is a compact 8-feet-by-7-feet—fit for a fairy family but big enough for a human. Rain and snow will slide off the gabled roof, and the sloped walls provide extra interior space for shelving or workbenches. The PDF plans include detailed step-by-step instructions along with both drawings and pictures.

Get the Build Eazy DIY Tudor-Style 8×7 Shed at Etsy for $5.

6. Kids Playhouse

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (7)

Build a space for kids to let their imaginations run wild with DIY playhouse plans. The small 8-foot-by-6-foot enclosed space with an 8-foot-by-2-foot porch has a simple design with a modern theme. When the kids get older, use it as garden storage or add on to it to create a mini guest house. An included bill of materials helps make gathering and buying supplies a lot quicker.

Get the Design Reformed Modern Playhouse Plans at Etsy for $12.

7. Tiny House

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (8)

With stairs and entry door make this tiny abode look more like a living space than a spot for potting plants, this 8-foot-by-8-foot shed has plenty of windows (some of which are operatble) to brighten the interior. We like that the plans include a bench and three shelves for organizing trays and pots.

Get the Sinel House Plans 8×12 Storage Shed at Etsy for $14.03.

8. Wooden Greenhouse

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (9)

This pretty wooden greenhouse is a sturdy structure perfect for those with plants on the brain. The plans incorporate reclaimed windows and a vinyl roof that lets the light in for growing tomatoes or basking in the sun. They also include a material list, adjustable footprint, and detailed instructions on framing the structure.

Get the Mirel Builds Greenhouse/She-Shed at Etsy for $30.70.

9. Firewood Protection

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (10)

Keep firewood dry and protected yearlong with the help of this 5-foot-by-10-foot firewood shed. A sloped roof keeps the rain away, and slated sidewalls regulate humidity levels. Outfitted with a giant custom-made mattress or floor pillow, the structure could also be used for resort-style lounging and relaxing all summer long. The plans include detailed 3D diagrams, instructions, and material and cut lists.

Get the Best Product 5×10 Shed Plans at Etsy for $8.54.

10. Compact Storage

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (11)

This miniature shed is a compact option for very small backyards. The plans include two building variations. A closed option is for use as a toolshed and the other option is an open structure for storing firewood. Included are written and visual instructions and a cutting list. This DIY shed project is easy enough for beginners, too. Bonus: the plans cost under $5.

Get the WoodPlansPDF Easy Tool Shed Plans at Etsy for $3.02.

11. Three-Sided Shed

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (12)

Looking to build a versatile space that can accommodate golf carts, firewood, livestock, or even an outdoor kitchen? This 176-square-foot, 8-foot by 22-foot shelter can be any of those things—and can even be scaled to a smaller size. Plans include a cut list, a Sketchup model, and over 100 photos and diagrams of the building process.

Get the Elevated Spaces Shop Three-Sided Outdoor Storage Shed at Etsy for $21.25.

12. Simple Gable

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (13)

This kind of simple shed can be purchased at most big box hardware retailers, but going the DIY route can save some money. The 10-foot-by-12-foot shed features a gabled roof, so it is a good choice for places that get lots of rain and snow. The low-cost plans include a shopping list, cutting list, and drawings.

Get the DIY Garden Plans 10×12 Gable Shed Plans at Etsy for $9.99.

13. DIY Garage

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (14)

Add a garage to a property with the help of these plans for a roomy 12-foot-by-20-foot structure. The building features a sizable garage-door opening, side door, windows, and an attractive gable-style roof. The DIY shed plans for this workshop/storage space include a shopping list, a cutting list, step-by-step instructions with 3D drawings, and 24-hour email support.

Get the Shedplan 12×20 DIY Shed Plans at Etsy for $19.79.

14. Budget Shed

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (15)

Big enough for someone to stand in, this size-wise wooden shed features a pitched roof, one window, and one door. The sturdy design is made up of lumber, polycarbonate, shiplap, and roof felt. The 6-foot-by-5-foot shed plans are geared toward beginners and include assembly instructions, a shopping list, and a cutting list.

Get the Easy Plans Woodwork 6×5 Garden Shed Plans at Etsy for $8.40.

15. Dormer House

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (16)

This roomy 14-foot-by-20-foot building is more like a small house than a shed thanks to being fully insulated. The spacious interior could be an excellent spot for a yoga studio, woodworking shop, or guest accommodations. Because of its large size, advanced DIY skills or hiring a contractor is recommended.

Get the Wood n’ Pieces 14×20 Barn Workshop Plans at Etsy for $27.50.

16. Two-Story Barn

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (17)

This two-level shed features wide-opening barn doors and several windows to let in sunlight. The 10-foot-by-12-foot structure’s plans come with step-by-step instructions, a cut list, and a shopping list. The truss-style framing makes this a poor choice for beginners, and it’s a set of plans that will require some building expertise.

Get The DIY Plan Two-Story 10×12 DIY Shed Plans at Etsy for $27.50.

17. A-Frame Cabin

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (18)

Build this 12-foot-by-11.5-foot wooden A-frame cabin for backyard camping adventures, a playhouse, or as a unique firewood storage solution. The plans include a parts list, a cut list, step-by-step instructions, and dimensions. While unique and visually striking, those with a tight budget may want to consider a more straightforward design as the projected cost for this one is heftier than most others.

Get the Do-it-Yourself Planner Tiny A-Frame Shed Plans at Etsy for $28.

18. Office or Studio Shed

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (19)

Use these plans to build an affordable shed that you can use as an office or artist space. The 10-foot-by-12-foot creative space is uses plywood sheathing and wood siding (both of which can be stained), finished off with asphalt shingles. The simple project plans include cut diagrams, a parts list, and step-by-step building instructions. The seller doesn’t forget the details, either—they provide advice for site selection and vent installation, too. Will you write your first novel here?

Get the Azul Wood 10×12 Office Shed Plans at Etsy for $19.49.

19. Mini Barn

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (20)

Wide doors and a gambrel roof make this barn-style shed a roomy addition to a backyard. The downloadable PDF includes plans for four different sized buildings: 8-foot by 8-foot, 8-foot by 10-foot, 8-foot by 12-foot, and 8-foot by 16-foot. Two options for the roof (gable and gambrel styles) are also available.

Get the Don Berg Designs 8’ Wide Do-It-Yourself Gable and Barn-Roof Shed Plans at Etsy for $19.90.

The prices listed here are accurate as of publication on November 14 2022.

19 Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards (2024)
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