'AITA for refusing to help my siblings out with their debt after I was disowned?' (2024)

"AITA for refusing to help my siblings out with their debt?"


I have 6 siblings, my family is from a foreign country. I’ll use fake names for privacy reasons. Kate 23, Sam and Eric 24, Loise 19 me and Haley 17. This story may seem fake but I genuinely am thinking about getting restraining orders. I’m looking for judgement only so please focus on that. It may seem irrelevant but I’m gonna explain how things started.

Growing up I had a dysfunctional family. It would take one thing, like my father getting fired that would lead to him lashing out on all of us to start a big fight. I was the only one who didn’t participate in the arguments and just kept to myself.

At 15, I started working while all my other siblings didn’t and I kept it a secret for 2 months until my entire family showed up at my job and started screaming about how I was a “selfish kid who didn’t give back to the family by hiding my money and buying myself things.”

I got fired after the second time they caused an incident. To think they didn’t care about where I went every other day for 6 hours. My mom came home with an angry look on her face and she screamed about the fact that we were behind on rent to my dad. He yelled back at her and then my siblings got involved.

Things got so bad that my grandparents had to step in and said that they would take one child away from the house to lessen the financial burden and help us out. They told us to vote and I was shocked they all picked me. I was both upset and happy I was leaving.

That was all 2 years ago. Now, I work two jobs to save up for a good school and my grandparents who are the nicest people I’ve ever known. Recently, at my work place, I sustained severe burns after I slipped in front of a fryer.

The company I was working with was very persistent on me not pressing charges and my grandparents urged me to settle for an amount of money (around 250k). I’m still working at that job. All the money is with my grandparents who haven’t touched any and have apparently quietly been waited for my birthday in a couple months.

My aunt, who was visiting, asked why I had some scars on my neck and upper back. I explained the incident to her and didn’t think about it after that. My entire family came to my grandparents' door 2 days later and they acted like we were friends.

They started a conversation and it eventually shifted into the them asking for 45K for some things they said they needed and that it was nice that the family had some good money saved. I laughed and said that money belonged to me and that they weren’t getting any of it. That started the loud arguing and it brought back memories of the toxic environment.

I locked myself in my room while they banged on my door and yelled at me. I called my grandparents who quickly came with the police and escorted them out.

My mom said I was a problem child who never made her happy. My siblings sent me insults and threats but I screenshotted all of it and ignored them. A couple aunts called me a brat. The whole family is doing a get-together this Friday and I’m worried about what is going to happen. AITA?

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NTA. This is your money to compensate you for your injury and pain. They are not entitled to any of it. Obviously, don't go to the get together and if possible plan to staying with a friend or someplace they won't know to find you. Be prepared to call the police if necessary. Hopefully you believe you grandparents will protect both you and your money.


NTA...Other people's financial decisions are not your problem. It would be like throwing money in hole.


NTA. It’s not your fault your grandparents furniture was broken, that was cos your family members are violent and sound a bit crazy💀💀💀 and that money was given to you as compensation for your injuries not them. Maybe if they hadn’t literally voted you out of the house it’s be a different story but at this point defo keep the money.


NTA. Their financial problems are not yours. With their vote, they made it obvious that they don't want anything to do with you....until they suddenly see an opportunity for themselves. That settlement is yours, not theirs.


NTA, please get restraining orders. They won’t stop trying to get your money until the can’t.


NTA. That money was compensation for your injuries. Where was there concern for you when you were injured? Did they show up and look after you? They care for you as an ATM OP. You should go low or no contact with them and continue your positive relationship with your Grandparents. Take care and good luck.


NTA. That money is yours for any suffering and medical treatments required because of your accident. It’s not a windfall for people you haven’t seen for years.


When you were 15 your siblings were 17 and 19 and they weren't working at all? If the whole family is supposed to "share money", then why weren't your parents pushing your older siblings to work? NTA.

So, if you were the OP, what would you tell your family? If you could talk to the OP, what advice would you give her?

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'AITA for refusing to help my siblings out with their debt after I was disowned?' (2024)
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