Four Bedroom House Plans Drawing For Sale | 189sqm |Nethouseplans (2024)

This four bedroom house plans drawing offers the following:

Ground Floor Level:

Entry lobby, entry porch, 3x bedroom, main bedroom- en suite with WIC, bathroom, lounge, dining, kitchen, patio, double garage. House Designs In South Africa

This house plan can be modified to any specification.

Four bedroom house plans South Africa

There are many factors for you to consider when you’re about to buy a modern house plan. The first question that’ll probably come to your mind is, how many stories should the home have? Multi- level house plan designs are great. However, it is up to you to decide whether you can live with a high maintenance double story house design or go for the more flexible single-story house design plans which you can easily remodel if any such need arises.

This 4-bedroom house plan single story home is just the right size for a large household. Not convinced it is worth your buy? Wait until you learn about all the wonderful features that the home has got. You will be wowed!

Tuscan meet Bungalow House Design Style

This 4-bedroom house plan is a great bungalow design look-a-like which you can build to be your dream home. Bungalows have always been popular among homeowners, mostly because they are affordable and can be navigated easily to access the facilities inside the home. Then again, bungalows just like this 4-room house plan, have a timeless appeal that resonates with almost anyone. This is the reason they never go out of style

This means that when you build this modern four-bedroom house plan, the home will last for a long long time without looking out of place or old fashioned. Besides, the appearance of this home is enhanced and can therefore compete favorably with any two or more-level home.

Complete Modern 4-bedroom house plan

This attractive 4 bedrooms 2-bathroom house plan makes a very warm and enticing place for both you and your loved ones to call home. Some Amazing features in this house design style include an open lounge/dining/kitchen area which is a great space for welcoming and hosting guests. Family members can also gather in this space and have a swell time. This contemporary house design also features 3 bedrooms fit for children or guests.

There is as well a wonderful outdoor patio which will accommodate all the family members for a nice bonding session on a hot evening.

4-bedroom modern house plan with a garage

Apart from the living space, the master suite is the next most important space in a home. The private master bedroom in this 4-room house plan will serve the master and mistress well. This room comes with a large walk-in closet, a sitting area and a bathroom. What’s more, you can’t miss the attached two-car garage which is situated very close to the entrance porch of the home.

This home is the right size and has the correct configurations for a family of five to six members. If you think it’ll make an ideal home for you and your family, do well to purchase it.

Attractive House Interior Design

This four-bedroom bungalow has got a properly designed interior. The floor layout does look really neat and well arranged. Being a contemporary house design, the open layout of the 3 living spaces adds a lot of attractiveness to the interior design, and since the patio is just beside the lounge, it is easy to transit from one living space to the other. This house design will make a good home.

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Other Features

Built-In Braai

Built-In Cupboards (BIC)

Entrance Hall

Entrance Porch


Four Bedroom House Plans Drawing For Sale | 189sqm |Nethouseplans (2024)
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