Our 5 Favorite Barndomium with Garage Floor Plans (2024)

Excited to build your own garagedominium now? Below are some beautiful, spacious garagedominium floor plans to get you started on your own home design.

1. Architectural Designs Plan 62868DJ

Barndominium with Massive Garage

Our 5 Favorite Barndomium with Garage Floor Plans (1)
Our 5 Favorite Barndomium with Garage Floor Plans (2)
Our 5 Favorite Barndomium with Garage Floor Plans (3)

This garage dominium floor plan offers you 2,776 square feet of living space, comprising four bedrooms, three bathrooms and two stories. That isn’t even counting the garage, which adds on another 3,570 square feet of space! That’s right—the garage is most of the area of the plan. It is easily large enough to accommodate four vehicles, plus providing you with plenty of extra workspace.

As to the living area of the home, you’ll be able to enjoy an airy feeling thanks to the 26’ cathedral ceiling. The great room, kitchen and dining area are combined on the lower floor, where you will also find the master bedroom and a downstairs bedroom. Upstairs are two additional bedrooms.

Best For: If you want a garage dominium that truly makes the garage the most important element of the design, this is the plan for you. With 3,570 square feet of garage space, you have all the space you could ask for to accommodate your vehicles and hobbies.

2. Redwood Barndominium House Plan by HappyHomeCustomRose

Our 5 Favorite Barndomium with Garage Floor Plans (4)

Next, we have a lovely design by HappyHomeCustomRose on Etsy. The living space in this floor plan is just a little bit smaller than that in the 62868DJ above: 2,250 square feet. The garage does not dominate this layout, however; it is 1,190 square feet. So, it is still plenty roomy, but it is not the majority of the square footage. It is large enough you can get up to three vehicles in it, however.

Unlike the previous floor plan we shared, this one is just for one story. The great room and kitchen share a common area, with the master bedroom and bathroom on one side of the home, and the other two bedrooms situated across from the kitchen. In the connecting corner between the master bedroom and bathroom and the other bedrooms and bathroom is the laundry room. The master bedroom also includes a huge walk-in closet.

If you enjoy lots of fresh air, you will also love this plan, because the home includes a shaded wraparound porch.

Best For: This layout is a great all-around choice for anyone looking for a large amount of roomy living space plus plenty of room for vehicle storage.

3. KarmimHousePlans Barndominium House Plan

Looking for something a little bit smaller than the layouts we shared above? You might appreciate this 800 square foot floor plan.

Basically, this is the closest thing you are going to find to a garage dominium tiny house! The layout features two stories. On the bottom floor, you will find the garage at one end of the home, a bedroom and bathroom on the far side of the home, and the living room and kitchen in the middle. There are high ceilings over the living room, kitchen and garage, offering that spacious barndominium feel you love. Above the downstairs bedroom is a second upstairs bedroom, complete with extensive cabinets for storage.

In short, this is a clever plan that brings living big barndominium-style to a smaller layout.

Best For: Choose this floor plan if you want all the benefits of garage dominium living, but want to keep your living space on the small side.

4. TheNerdShopDesign 5,000 Square Foot Barndominium

Our 5 Favorite Barndomium with Garage Floor Plans (5)

On the flip side, perhaps you are looking for a barndominium garage plan that gives you a huge amount of living space and workspace. If that is the case, you are going to love this 5,000 square foot layout.

The dimensions of the rooms are not clear from the images in the description, but you can take a look at the overall configuration of the space. The garage looks to comprise a large percentage of the overall floor space, and includes its own office.

The downstairs living space of the home features a combined kitchen and great room with a high ceiling, a pair of bedrooms, and a laundry room, as well as wraparound patios on three sides of the house. Upstairs, you will find three additional bedrooms, a bathroom, and wraparound decks.

Best For: If you want a really large garage dominium home, you will have plenty of space in this 5,000 square foot layout.

5. OTL21 Brn07d

Our 5 Favorite Barndomium with Garage Floor Plans (6)

For a barndominium with extensive garage and shop space, consider this 1,932 square foot plan. The one-story house features a roomy front porch, which opens to the vaulted family room and kitchen area. There is a vaulted master bedroom to one side of the family room, and a regular bedroom on the other side of it. Two additional bedrooms take up the remaining space along that wall. Adjacent to the kitchen is one of the home’s garages.

Beyond it, you will find an additional garage that is large enough to accommodate an RV or tractor, and beside that, shop space.

Best For: This layout is ideal if you want a subdivided garage and shop space for multiple storage purposes and/or projects.

Build Your Garage Home Now

Whether you have three or four (or more ) vehicles to store or you are looking for extensive hobby space, a garage dominium can be the home of your dreams.

We hope you found the garage dominium floor plans we shared with you inspiring.

Ready to start building your own barndominium with a spacious garage?

Let us help you get wholesale pricing on your kit.

Our 5 Favorite Barndomium with Garage Floor Plans (2024)
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