Sequim Library Donor Recognition - North Olympic Library System (NOLS) (2024)

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Sequim Library Donor Recognitionit@nols.org2024-03-04T10:42:42-08:00


Sequim Library Donor Recognition

Giving Levels

Gifts that total $250 or more will be recognized on a special donor wall near the entrance of the library. Larger donations will be further distinguished by the giving levels listed below.

Sustaining Donors

Receive a “Sustaining Donor” designation for recurring gifts that total at least $250. If you would like to schedule online donations, you can set a recurring amount to be given by week, month, quarter, or year.

Naming Opportunities

Several opportunities exist to name key areas in the renovated Sequim Library, from quiet study rooms to the outdoor stage. Learn more here.

Giving Levels


Sequim Library Donor Recognition - North Olympic Library System (NOLS) (4)

Gifts that total $250 or more will be recognized on a special donor wall near the entrance of the library. Larger donations will be further distinguished by giving levels.

Learn more about the Sequim Library Expansion and Renovation Project.

Other Ways to Give

Gifts of Cash, Securities or Real Estate

If you wish to make a gift of cash, appreciated securities, real estate, or have related questions, please contact Executive Director Noah Glaude at or 360-417-8500 x7717.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts, such as a bequest in your will, provide resources beyond your lifetime and secure future advancements for the Sequim Library. Please contact Executive Director Noah Glaude or 360-417-8500 x7717 with any questions.

North Olympic Library Foundation

The North Olympic Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and the nonprofit philanthropic arm of the North Olympic Library System. If you wish to donate to the Sequim Library project and receive a full tax deduction, please visit The North Olympic Library System is a local government in Washington State, and donations to the Library may be tax deductible if they are for public purposes.

The North Olympic Library Systemwould like to thank the following generous donors who have supported the Sequim Library Expansion and Renovation Project.

*Sustaining donors who have pledged recurring gifts are denoted with an asterisk.

**Donors who contributed through the North Olympic Library Foundation (NOLF) are denoted with a double asterisk.

  • WA Department of Commerce

  • DeLand Family Trust

  • Friends of the Sequim Library

  • Williams Bequest

  • Benjamin N. Phillips Memorial Fund

  • Bequest of Patricia Fincher

  • Cathy Grant

  • JoAnne Yerkes**

  • Streett Memorial Fund:

  • Alice Workman

  • Ann Rollins

  • Anonymous Donors

  • Betty Gordon & Michael Moss

  • Carla Almquist

  • Carol Koch

  • Erik Erichsen

  • Janice Canale

  • Janis McGraham

  • Joe and Karen Holtrop

  • Josslyn Streett

  • Leanne Hochwald

  • Linda Thibault

  • L.J. Walser

  • Michael Jakubcin

  • Michael Poindexter and Christine Rose

  • Pamela Godsey

  • Patsene Dashiell

  • Robbie and Vincent Sabathier

  • Sharon Scairpon

  • William Mejia

  • Barry Kantowitz**

  • Charles Mitchell and Vivian Nelson

  • Robert & Enid Phreaner

  • The Yelland Family in honor of Barbara Yelland Dante

  • Yerkes Family Fund – The Alaska Foundation**

  • Bharti Desai

  • John P. Smith

  • Mark & Dorita Wendt**

  • Michael Watkin and Cyndi Ross**

  • Donna Hackett**

  • Donald Naddy Fund – Clallam County of the South Dakota Community Foundation

  • Douglas & Sherri Smith

  • Kerry & Michael McCool

  • Margery Whites**

  • Marion Rutlege**

  • Randy & Sallie Radock

  • Rhode Island Foundation – Bubba Fund**

  • Anonymous Donors

  • Andrea Alstrup

  • Andy & Kathy Pitts

  • Ben & Myrtle Walkling Memorial Trust

  • Donna Karls

  • John & Karen Donlon

  • Karen Anne Pinell

  • Kathleen & Lawrence Charters

  • Liam Antrim & Pamela Maurides

  • Mike Shonsey & Kathy Jenkins

  • Mark Ashley

  • Port of Port Angeles

  • Friends of Shirley Widdicombe:

  • Linda Collet

  • Linda Dow

  • Mary Fasching

  • Judy Field

  • Elna Kawal

  • Sharon Labrecque

  • Alice Myers

  • Gail Nelson

  • Mary Peabody

  • Janet Real

  • Karen Taylor

  • Anonymous Donors

  • Barbara Vanderwerf

  • Bill & Nancy Shaw

  • Boenish Family

  • Brian & Marai Fenske

  • Carrie Kalina**

  • Diann Roll

  • Ean Henninger

  • Ernie & Eva Kozun

  • Gorge & Jolie Will

  • Janet Schless**

  • John Carlino

  • Jon Valentine

  • Judy & Jean Larson

  • Mardell Loyd**

  • Maren Halvorsen and James Tippett

  • Marilynn Dodge

  • Margaret Jakubcin

  • Martin & Penny Cahoon

  • Naomi Foley

  • Pamela Mirrer

  • Pamela Yu

  • Pepper & Neil Gamroth

  • Peter & Linda Marvin**

  • Sara Peterson

  • Sequim Sunrise Rotary Foundation

  • Shaina Lent

  • Sharon Derstine

  • Abbie Anderson**

  • Ana Simone

  • Anonymous Donors

  • Anonymous Donor in memory of Jae Turner

  • Barbara Bailie

  • Chris Biedermann

  • Darlene Schanfald

  • Dorothy White

  • Dorothy White in honor of Howard Hupe

  • Ellen Schvetz*

  • Emma Amiad**

  • Janice Giordano

  • Judith Farnsworth

  • Lauren Doyle**

  • Lillian Faulkner

  • Louise Potter

  • Martin Ozga

  • Pamela McClure

  • Paul Finley

  • Ruth Marcus

  • Susanna Hafner

  • Suzanne Davis

  • Suzi Ure

  • Teresa Bjornes

  • Theodore Zerby

  • Theresa Rantala

  • Vicki Sievert in honor of Vici McLaughlin

  • Vicki Sievert in honor of Janet Gouin

  • Victoria & William Taylor

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Sequim Library Donor Recognition - North Olympic Library System (NOLS) (2024)
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