Sequim Library Project (2024)

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Sequim Library Expansion & Renovation

Sequim Library Project (1)

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An expanded and renovated Sequim Branch Library will improve community services!

Nearly 10,000 square feet when complete, the renovated and expanded building will include ADA-accessible bathrooms, a fire-sprinkler system, increased space for collections, improved community access to broadband and computers, new study and conference rooms, adequate staff space, and more room for educational, cultural and civic events.

Critical infrastructure upgrades will not only provide a modern, attractive and flexible building, the Library will become significantly more sustainable and better able to act as a community hub and build resiliency during extreme weather events and natural disasters.

A presentation and FAQs about the project are available below.

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ADA Accessibility

Increased Collections

Better Technology Access

More Meeting Rooms

Sequim Library Project (24)

Please consider a gift, in any amount, to support the Sequim Library project.

Giving Levels

Gifts of $250 or greater will be recognized by giving level on a donor wall in the library.

Monthly Giving

Receive a “Sustaining Donor” designation for setting up recurring gifts.

Naming Opportunities

Name a space in the new library! Opportunities include the outdoor stage or children’s area.

Sequim Library Project (25)

Your gift toward the expansion and renovation project will help the Sequim Library better serve our community.

Originally built in 1983 to serve a population of only 14,000, it’s clear that the Sequim Library project is essential to serve the current community of 30,000 residents and growing.

Thank you for your generosity as we build this next chapter together!

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  • $3,556,589 –
  • $2,614,300 – NOLS Capital Reserves


  • $7,499,943 – Estimated Construction Cost
  • $3,142,878 – Estimated Soft Costs

Sequim Library Expansion and Renovation - Estimated Construction Costs

Estimated Construction Cost – $7,499,943

  • Construction – $6,887,000
  • Alternative 1 (solar array, battery storage system and storage facility) – $384,000
  • Sales Tax – $612,943

Sequim Library Expansion and Renovation - Estimated Soft Costs

Estimated Soft Costs – $3,142,878

  • Architecture and Engineering Fees
  • Owner’s Representative
  • Geo-tech Consulting
  • Land Survey
  • Hazmat Consulting
  • Special Inspections
  • Permits and Fees
  • Bid Ads & Public Notices
  • LEED Certification
  • Commissioning
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
  • Change Orders / Contingency
  • Temporary Space Lease and Improvements
  • Professional moving in and out of temporary space

Sequim Library Project (26)

100,000 Visits

In 2022, the Sequim Branch Library was visited nearly 100,000 times.

Free Technology

Public Computers were used to print over 40,000 pages.

350,000 Items Borrowed

Sequim patrons checked out or renewed almost 350,000 items.

Free Programs

More than 60 programs were attended by thousands in 2022.

Sequim Library Project (27)

The Sequim Library is a welcoming space where people of all ages and interests gather. The Library also offers so much more in community services, community engagement, digital resources, and information assistance provided by real people.

Free Wi-Fi, public computers and printing are used heavily. Private library spaces are used for virtual business meetings and telehealth appointments. Youth study after school or attend weekly storytimes. And during extreme weather and wildfire smoke events, shelter is provided from the elements.

The new and improved facility will ensure the Library is better resourced to enhance the vibrant quality of life for the residents of Sequim.

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How will the library expansion better serve our community?

Today’s Challenges:
The Sequim Library was built in 1983 to serve 14,000 residents and visitors. The Library now serves a population of around 30,000. It’s clear that expansion is necessary to meet the growing community’s needs. The current facility needs to be updated, which has been a pressing concern for NOLS for years. The COVID-19 Pandemic only emphasized the concerns about space availability. The existing building needs more capacity to serve the community to its fullest. The current challenges:

  • Cramped physical space to access all of the library offerings, such as collections, books, and technology.
  • Not enough dedicated reading and study areas and quiet spaces.
  • Outdated technology infrastructure and unreliable WiFi make serving the community’s increased needs difficult.
  • Lacks the space for community meetings, receptions, and cultural events.
  • The facility was built before there was widespread access to environmentally sustainable building designs.

Tomorrow’s Solutions and Improvements:
The newly remodeled and expanded building will respond to the community’s needs by improving ADA access to the restrooms, upgrading the fire-sprinkler system, adding more space for the collections, and improving access to free WiFi, digital services, and other technology needs. In addition, the new building will provide quiet spaces to study and conference rooms for community access, and the ability to host educational, cultural, and civic events, and space for staff to better serve the public. The new and improved library building will remain on the NOLS-owned site, near schools and downtown Sequim.

What are the specific upgrades, and how will they improve the library patron experience?

  • The community will be served by an inviting modern library designed and built to be sustainable, operationally efficient, and adaptable to meet the community’s needs for decades.
  • The newly remodeled and expanded library design and use of the surrounding landscape will be a source of civic pride as the community grows and changes with the times.
  • Accessibility will be improved through ADA-accessible restrooms and other features.
  • Children and families, teens and tweens, and adults will have access to library facilities and spaces that support their age-specific needs and interests.
  • The new building will provide more space for chairs, tables, library materials, and technology, allowing for more privacy and separation between the active and quiet rooms.
  • New and improved study and conference rooms will support the needs of youth, students, tutors, small businesses, and individuals needing privacy for activities such as job interviews or telehealth appointments.
  • The renovated and expanded building will allow for more natural light to improve the library experience, more space for creative art displays, attractive outdoor spaces with enhanced views, and solar optimization to bridge the connection between the environment and functionality.
  • Upgraded safety features such as a fire suppression system allow the Library better to protect its collections, facility, and people.
  • The ability to provide more innovative services and expanded programs to nurture the knowledge seeking goals for children and adults.

Is there a target opening date? What is the timeline for the expansion project?

Project Timeline:

  • Summer 2021 – Request for Proposals (RFP) Issued for Architect
  • Fall 2021 – Architect Selected
  • Spring 2022 – Design Development Begins
  • Spring 2023 – Construction Documents Created
  • Winter 2023 – Construction Bidding Begins
  • Spring 2024 – Sequim Library Relocates to Temporary Location
  • Spring 2024 – Construction Begins
  • Spring 2025 – Construction Complete

Will the Sequim Library be closed during construction?

NOLS will continue to serve the community, and library services will be offered at a temporary location in Sequim during construction. The expansion site will be inaccessible during construction, which is expected to take about one year to complete.

NOLS has leased a retail space to utilize as a temporary Sequim Library during construction. It’s located at 609 W Washington St, near the former JC Penny building. More information about the temporary space will be announced prior to the Library’s move into the space in early 2024.

All other NOLS branches will continue to operate as usual, and Sequim area patrons will, as always, have the option of using other library branches instead of, or in addition to, the temporary library location in Sequim.

How much will the renovation and expansion cost?

The estimated total cost for the renovation and expansion is $9.3 million.

Estimated Construction Cost – $6,200,000

  • Building Renovation and Addition – $4,810,000
  • Fire Sprinkler System – $130,000
  • Site Work – $1,260,000

Estimated Soft Costs – $3,119,530

  • Sales Tax – $545,600
  • Architectural and Engineering Fees – $1,029,200
  • Owner Provided Engineering, Reports, Observations – $155,000
  • Permits and Fees – $93,000
  • Owner Contracted Commissioning and LEED Certification – $139,500
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment – $310,000
  • Owner Contingency – $847,230

How is NOLS funding the renovation and expansion?

In June 2020, NOLS applied for the Library Capital Improvement Program Grant administered by the Washington State Department of Commerce. The application was made with the goal of correcting pressing facility issues at the Sequim Library. In October 2020, NOLS was notified that its application was selected as a recommended project, ranked 5th out of 33 applications, with a recommendation for full funding of the project. In May 2021, Governor Inslee signed HB1080 – the Washington State 2021-23 Capital Budget, which includes $2 million in matching funds for the Library Capital Improvement Program grant for the Sequim Branch Library. The Department of Commerce administers the Library Capital Improvement Program grant.

In order to meet the match funding requirement of the Library Capital Improvement Program grant, the NOLS Board of Trustees passed Resolution 21-05-03, authorizing the transfer of $2 million from the NOLS Capital Reserve account to the Sequim Capital Project account in May 2021.

As of January 2023, NOLS has received over $1 million in donations towards the project and will seek additional grant opportunities and conduct community fundraising efforts to meet additional project funding needs.

How can I help?

It is essential to receive financial support and community advocacy from many generous individuals, donors, and private foundations for the renovation and expansion of the building.

  • Donations can be made online through the NOLS website or through the North Olympic Library Foundation.
  • There are naming and recognition opportunities for larger gift amounts.
  • NOLS welcomes the support from community volunteers and we are recruiting Campaign Hosts. Individual support will be needed for the additional fundraising efforts and advocacy at local events.
  • Questions about donations and volunteering can be emailed to or 360.683.1161 ext. 7765.

Will the building be LEED certified?

Yes. Grant funding from the Departments of Commerce requires the build be certified LEED Silver. The building and its equipment will be much more energy efficient and will feature a solar array and EV charging stations.

How does the building expansion compare to the 2018 bond-funded project?

The expansion will add approximately 3,500 sq/ft to the existing 6,000 sq/ft building, totaling 10,000 sq/ft. The expansion project is significantly smaller than the original proposed 17,000 sq/ft new building design featured for the 2018 bond measure. Unfortunately, the 2018 bond measure did not pass by 1% (it received 59% of the vote, and we needed 60% to pass). The new and improved 10,000 sq/ft building will help us to serve the community better.

I have questions about the building renovation and expansion design. Who can I contact to share my thoughts?

After the 2018 bond measure failed, NOLS reimagined the 17,000 sq/ft building design, and new designs were developed to address the ongoing issues at the Sequim Library. Without revenue from a bond, the current expansion and renovation project was significantly reduced in scale. Planning for the 10,000 sq/ft building led to a few tough decisions about what we can include in the designs. However, renovating the current building instead of building an entirely new facility has some advantages as well.

Comments can be shared by contacting the Sequim Branch Manager, Emily Sly, or Executive Director Noah Glaude to share your thoughts. Contact information is available here.

Will the Library need to hire more staff to manage the expanded spaces?

The advantage of scaling back to a 10,000 sq/ft space and a single-story design is that a clear sight line will make it easier for staff to monitor activities throughout the building from the customer service desk. The existing building is inefficient because it was not designed to provide modern services, and egress is difficult in crowded conditions. Additionally, a lack of storage space prevents the staff from effective workflows. An absolute requirement of the new building design is that it must support efficient and cost-effective operations. The expanded building is functionally designed for effective workflow and energy efficiency.

What about parking?

Currently, the building has 28 designated parking spaces. The renovated building will have 32 spaces, with better provisions made for pedestrian access to the building. The 32 spaces include two ADA spaces and two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Will there be a drive-up book drop?

Due to the limitations of the long and narrow site, the renovated building design does not include a drive-up book drop. However, the current design consists of an area for patrons to pull up for quick returns to a book drop connected to the building.

Along with the limitations of the site layout, outdoor book drops present other challenges, including keeping library materials dry, maintaining during closures, keeping staff safe when the drops are emptied, and preventing damage from vehicles.

Sequim Library Project (2024)
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